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About MsGinko

MsGinko is a safe space where empowering stories inspire action to improve the status of women and girls around the world.

Welcome to msGinko, an affiliate of Swiss-based Legacy®. We are humbled that you have landed on this page to know more about us.


  • A safe space to bond and connect internationally,
  • Enables recording and sharing of audiovisual content,
  • Joins forces with individuals and groups with compatible goals and turns up the collective volume.

Together with our members and partners, MsGinko:

  • Informs women and girls on the issues and promotes education,
  • Empowers women and girls, from inside the home to leading communities and corporations to government service,
  • Facilitates advocacy on the issues affecting women and girls. 

We successfully developed new story-sharing technology, and in collaboration with leaders of the World YWCA and other organizations we tested our new innovation. (We at MsGinko remain eternally grateful to the World YWCA.) This test created a treasure-trove of inspiration of women and men from over 65 countries in English, French and Spanish (and more languages to come!) called MsGinko.

Now we invite all women and girls as well as organizations across the globe to join MsGinko!

MsGinko is a safe space to share, to learn about how issues affect women and girls in other countries, to seek advice, and bond with like-minded people around the world. 

We invite you to: Share your story, invite your friends to share their stories and if you can, please donate funds to help us scale and support the causes that touch the lives of women and girls around the world.