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Platinum Membership

Platinum Memberships help to underwrite MsGinko’s costs and provide benefits that enhance the experience for you, your group, and your organization.

In addition to all Gold Member benefits, our Platinum members also have access to group benefits, such as unlimited group memberships, a member directory, newsletters, and group events.

The group membership option allows organizations to enroll all their members and faculty. Each member will receive their own member ID number, login and password, allowing them to access the members-only portions of the website with all privileges of a Platinum Membership.

  • Recording Time: 1000 Minutes
  • Video Length: No Limit
  • Video Approval: Manual
  • Earn donations: 
  • Personal Assessment Tools:
  • Private Storage & Sharing:
  • Group Memberships: 
  • Group Events: 
Duration: 1 year
Price: €500.00